Medal of honor warfighter platoon matchmaking

Platoon matchmaking is to harsh - posted in gameplay: im always playing world of tanks with a friend and i was getting frustrated lately by the matchmaking so i decided to write down 100 games in my is-3 with one platoon memberthis is the result - 66 tier x games 23 tier ix games 11 tier viii games.

Medal of honor warfighter day-one patch needed to fix serious matchmaking issues and single player “progression stoppers” leader, and you're likely to be blocked from rejoining a platoon matchmaking server after playing a game on it - making warfighter all but incompatible with long-term friendships.

The clan/platoon tag is moha which stands for medal of honor airborne/aces we understand not everyone would have come from the medal of honor: airborne community anymore so the aces part reflects the good players that have come from the medal of honor & moh: warfighter communities as.

New matchmaker solo vs platoons - posted in general discussion: i have been observing the fact that many of my friends who play world of tanks no longer want to platoon due to the new matchmaker, because in 2 or 3 man platoons, the chance of being top or even middle tier in a match severely drops.

Medal of honor warfighter platoon matchmaking

  • Makin my custom platoon tag.

Nbk has some good players but as a whole not that good thats pretty much all the clans worth talking about from the 1st moh when you start a party, before you invite anytime change it to platoon access only, when you get 4+ people at the bottom of the party lobby you will see platoon matchmaking. I decided to talk a bit about the platoon creation in moh : warfighter because it is integrated to battlelog,where you can find other platoons,compare & compete in a nice wayit definitely makes the game more competitive and gives emphasis on clan creation are you planning to create a platton or be a part.

Medal of honor warfighter platoon matchmaking
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